Online Exam

Online Exam

Online Exam

It is one of the most effective on-line Examination software which provide an integrated package of software applications for on-line web based test, Offline Exams, PC based mostly check, Centre exam etc. This code is capable to answer the timeless efforts of the academics also because the moderators we are operating towards simplification and modernization of the exam techniques. We are already conducted incalculable exams throughout and has established extremely prospering and simplified in field placement reducing workforce demand and also the cost implementation also as work load of the corporate officers. The results are extremely reliable, quick, saves time and workforce. The team of Mathrusri Infotech Pvt.Ltd puts constant efforts to form it less complicated and user friendly. New analysis and updates are perpetually centered and added to us.

Online Examination System has become a quickest growing examination technique attributable to its speed and accuracy. It’s additionally required fewer work forces to execute the examination. Most organizations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by on-line examination system, it saves students time in examinations. Organizations also can simply check the performance of the academic that they provide in an examination. As a result of this, organizations are emotional ends up in less time. It helps the settings by saving paper.

Advantage of Online Exam System

SRS is to present a transparent and precise description of the expediency of the assessment-support software to be developed and to eliminate uncertainties and misunderstandings which will exist. The web Examination System is easy and it’ll justify all functions of system itself and it is the main advantage of on-line Examination System.

  • We server Online Examination organization services with our integrated server.
  • Customize on-line Examination software give as per customer demand.
  • Random queries Generation.
  • Online Registration.
  • Question Bank Management.
  • Remote server hosted during a fully-secure best-in-class information centre.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Shows Result once communication and Via E-mail.
  • Display Course Contain as per the academic Registration.
  • Course Contain PowerPoint Presentation with Voice.
  • Exam progress study.
  • Live Chat.
  • Performance Report of student
  • Unique Penal for doubted queries of students.

Everyone will provide exam from anyplace round the world, And you need not go to exam center, you opt your exam center as a result of it’s all regarding your computer or laptop, It’s that direct. The online exam system offers you the speedy and correct solutions among desired point in time. The assessment is quick, reliable and correct. Fewer resources are needed in on-line examination as compared to pen-paper check. Students will simply access the examination through web thus it reduces would like for college and workers. On-line checking reduces the printing of Question paper and different materials needed for teaching also as stationary needed to conduct a pen-paper test. On-line examination provides flexibility and security for question paper as every student will get random queries of same examination pattern. It’s impossible to line totally different exam for various student and there are probabilities of outpouring of exam whereas passing it to different examination centers.

Why Mathrusri Infotech Pvt.Ltd for Online Exam

Mathrusri Infotech Pvt.Ltd is that the only online examination system that supports standards set by the Network Test Automation Forum, trade standards body formed to push the ability of economic checking tools and test infrastructure for the info communications and telecommunications trade.
It is supported by multiple platforms like Mac OS, Linux/Unix, and Windows and might simply move with most devices, software, APIs and physical or virtual environments.

Online Application Management

Use Mathrusri Infotech Pvt.Ltd to manage Online applications. The system is often organized to supply many notifications. The interface is offered in many languages.

Multiple Question Support

Supports many forms of queries (e.g., multiple range, multiple response, fill within the blanks, true or false, image based mostly queries, case study and simulation based mostly questions).

Test Submission Management

We automate the testing method, together with organization of question and answer choices, coefficient and marking schemes, and uploading completed exams by students.

Results Management

Features embrace an analysis tool, making mark sheets, generation of certificates, tabulation of the advantage list and result analysis.

Integration possibility

Integrate Mathrusri Infotech Pvt.Ltd exploitation constitutional tools with third-party testing applications.

Exam Management

Features embrace mock tests, restart or resume exam, choice to read or print book, auto-submission, preview tried, un-attempted and labeled queries, and non-linear navigation to any question and work any malpractice by a candidate.


Security management options embrace access restriction; dual authentication; software of test; securing the browser and limiting access from a particular informatics address; follow of informatics address and login information; disabling copy and paste, right depression, print screen, special keys, and toolbar / menu bar within the check taker’s browser.